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Company Overview
A. Introduction

An organisation’s Human Resource team plays a strategic role in smooth functioning of the business system and ensuring its overall growth. Its role becomes strategic and interesting as it is responsible for maintaining the right talent that runs the entire show and at the same time by having its own resources limited by being a cost centre. For this fact, it is prudent for Human Resource teams to seek professional support to maximise its efficiency and minimise the cost at the same time.

Sinecure Hire is a professional services organisation providing talent solutions to leading brands. Coming from the family of Sinecure (P) Ltd. that started in 1996, Sinecure Hire aims to be the best friend of clients’ Human Resource team.

Sinecure Hire offers customised solutions for client Human Resource teams to maximise the return on investment on the overall hiring process. It also offers standard service packages to fill gaps in specific stages of the hiring process.

Sinecure Hire has experience of working with a variety of businesses. It primarily includes an international bank and an industry leader in the business of providing telecom services.

Sinecure Hire has access to a vast talent pool that helps in effectively catering to the varied and ever changing needs of its clients. Further, its flexible approach and customisable solutions makes it simple to partner with.

B. Key Industries Served
Sinecure Hire provides its talent solutions to a range of industries. The industries that are in focus are listed below.
C. Case Studies
¤ A Leading International Bank
  The client is a multinational bank with a prominent presence in retail and corporate banking in India. It aimed at increasing its customer-base of its plastic products business for retail customers. Sinecure Hire partnered with the client to understand the specific sales plans. A custom-design solution was developed for the client’s sales management team. Sinecure Hire provided result-oriented sales talent to the client for multiple locations in the NCR of India. These teams consisted of professionals at various levels of hierarchy and possessed specific skill-sets. The relationship involved frequent discussions with the client’s management to ensure that the required talent pool is maintained at all times. This included hiring of fresh talent and re-allocating them within the available teams. The profiles in focus for this project were Team Managers/Leads, Tele Callers and Sales Executives (majority of them having relevant domain experienced).
¤ A Leading Telecom Services Provider
  The client is a leading telecom service provider with a global presence. Expanding the customer-base of its mobile and Internet services was one of the key objectives of the client. Sinecure Hire worked in closed co-ordination with the client’s business development and sales management teams with an aim to draft a customised solution. Sinecure Hire provided talent support to the client’s existing teams at multiple locations in New Delhi, India. The focus was on filling talent gaps in the client’s existing sales teams with core sales professionals. The key profiles covered in this project were Sales Executives and Tele-Sales Support. In some cases, Sinecure Hire also assisted the client in limited product training.